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Copywriting, Editing, Creative Direction

Stronger Marketing Materials = A Clear Marketing Advantage

The way you use words to deliver your message is the biggest factor in how well your message is received. My job is to find the best way to describe your company, your mission, your offering and your brand to give you a legitimate competitive edge.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for more than 18 years and can help you communicate better with your audiences through your website, ads, newsletters, social media outreach, blog posts, brochures and other materials.

If your sales, marketing and promotional writing isn’t giving you the advantage you need, I can change that.





Sound strategies designed to help crank up your competitiveness. I provide focused copywriting, editing, creative direction and consultation.




Project Samples

Review 35 writing samples covering websites, blog posts, social media ads, brochures, newsletters, direct-response, radio ads and more.



Creative Agencies

If you run an ad agency or web development firm, I can supply you with outstanding content for your clients’ digital, print and voice projects.




About DTC

Info on who I am, how I got here and the business standards that apply no matter the scope of our work. Expect great service and consistency.





This website should give you a good idea about the ways I can help you with new or revised content for your marketing projects. I’m always available if you want to know more about my approach, experience or past projects. Thanks for visiting.