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Meet the New Market.
Not the Same as the Old Market.

Competition is everywhere, and it’s not letting up.
That’s why you need every advantage you can get.

You have a great product/service and a great company. Today, that and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. This is because nobody has time to care about your company. Your value in the marketplace is 100% defined by how people PERCEIVE you, and that perception is built by how you COMMUNICATE. Of course, you already know this, but I’m writing it here to let you know that I know it, too.

Doug Thomas Communications launched in 2002 to give business owners, entrepreneurs and creative agencies a distinct advantage in an overcrowded marketplace. I can write your website, blog posts, sales letters, advertisements, e-mails, etc., in a way that is APPROPRIATE to the market and PROFESSIONAL in appearance. I also can help you work through the nuts and bolts of planning a marketing campaign with messaging and writing that makes you far more competitive.

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I provide a variety of copywriting, editing and related services designed to get your audience moving in your direction. Add power to your voice and dramatically improve your results.







Review a diverse selection of 29 project samples covering websites, sales pieces, blog posts and promotional material from multiple industries and business types.



Your satisfaction with my performance and polices is very important to me—so important that I created a page that outlines my key business standards that apply to every working relationship.





Once upon a time, our main competitors were companies that sold or did the same things as us. So much for the good old days. The competition we face today is every entity that pitches itself in the same places we do, no matter what they sell. This means a more crowded marketplace and highly distracted consumers.

You can’t stop the competition, but you can gain the power to outrun and outlast it. You can’t restore consumer clarity, but you can penetrate the clutter. I’ve been helping business owners and creative agencies accomplish this since 2002.

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