marketing content writer
Meet the new market.
Not the same as the old market.

Competition is everywhere, and it’s not letting up.
That’s why you need every advantage you can get.

As a freelance copywriter in business for 18+ years, my job is to write your website and other marketing materials in a way that gives you a distinct competitive advantage. I can create fresh material and revitalize material you’ve already created that isn’t performing as it should.

Every business and organization needs marketing pieces with the best possible writing and messaging. Here’s why.

Before the Internet, you really only had to do one thing to get a lot of customers and make a lot of money:

Convince people that you were better than your competitors.

That’s still what you have to do today, but now there’s a catch.

The amount of daily advertising pitches in various forms that the average consumer encounters is at least 10 times greater today than in the 1970s, 25 to 30 years before digital began dominating and directing our lives. In the seventies, each consumer saw about 500 pitches a day.  In 2006, it had jumped to about 5,000. What it is today is anybody’s guess.

So the catch is, your competition isn’t just your direct competitors. Your competition is 5,000+ pitches.

Before the Internet, a business that wanted to grow and prosper didn’t have time to mess around. In 2006, that business didn’t have time to breathe. Today, it doesn’t have time to blink.

I’m a copywriter, editor, thinker and message strategist. My website will show and tell you how I can help you compete better by giving you many advantages. I’m on your side.


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