Below are mid-range prices for some common project types. Each project is unique, and each person I work with has unique requirements, so I can only give you ballpark figures here. When we talk and you tell me the specs for a project, I can give you an exact price.




I envy business owners who can easily quote an exact price for a particular service.

CUSTOMER ON PHONE: Hi, how much do you charge to decorate a cake?

SERGIO, THE CAKE SHOP OWNER: Well, we have very specific prices that depend on how big the cake is and what all you want on it.

CUSTOMER: Let’s see . . . I guess like a medium-sized cake.  Two layers.  I want some flowery stuff around the sides and then nice, fancy writing that says, “Congratulations, Scottie, on graduating second grade.”

SERGIO: Wow – that’s quite an accomplishment!  You must be proud.

CUSTOMER: Oh, I am – they’re going to have a big ceremony at the school and give out diploma certificates and all that.  It’s going to be a great day to remember.  It’s not every day your child graduates second grade.

SERGIO: And then next year, it’ll be third grade.

CUSTOMER: Don’t remind me.  Graduation parties are sooooo much work!

SERGIO: So, the cake’s for Scottie.  What’s his favorite flavor?

CUSTOMER: What’s whose favorite flavor?

SERGIO: Scottie’s.

CUSTOMER: Oh – Scottie’s my daughter.

SERGIO: I see.  Okay, so what’s her favorite—

CUSTOMER: We really don’t like to use masculine and feminine pronouns.  Scottie identifies as “they” and “them” and . . . hang on . . . (Yelling, away from the phone) Hey, what’s that other pronoun Scottie identifies with?  (Pause)  Pronoun, Mitchell, not town!  Do pronoun and town sound the same?  What’s that other pronoun aside from “they” and “them” that Scottie identifies with?  (Back into phone)  Scottie also identifies with the towns of Albany, New York and West Des Moines, Iowa.  That’s what Mitchell thought I meant.

SERGIO: Is Mitchell Scottie’s father?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, when he can find time to drag his sorry butt over here and spend time with his daughter.  (Yelling, away from the phone)  That’s right – when you can find time away from Miss Congeniality or whatever the hell she is . . . the cake decorator . . . yeah, Mitchell—I’m having an affair with the cake decorator because I’ve got all this free time and absolutely nothing to do with it!

(If I was Sergio, this is when the price would start escalating.)

SERGIO: Uh . . .

CUSTOMER: Anyway, Scottie also identifies with “their” for a pronoun.  That’s the one I couldn’t think of.

SERGIO: Excellent.  So, what’s their favorite flavor?


SERGIO: Well, purple’s not actually a—

CUSTOMER: Scottie’s crazy about anything purple.  So, like, grape.  And raspberry.

SERGIO: Raspberries aren’t purple.

CUSTOMER: But you’re a cake decorator—can’t you make them purple?

(My price would again rise.)

SERGIO: Sure, I can figure out how to do that.  So, the basic price to decorate a two-layer, 14-inch cake is $37.50.

CUSTOMER: That’s great!  As soon as I pick Scottie up from their babysitter’s, I’ll bring them over and we’ll finalize everything.  I’m so glad you could give me an exact price.  I work with this copywriter for a business I’m trying to start, and I said, “How much will you charge to write a website for me?” and he started in with all these questions like how many pages will it be and where will he get the info he needs to write all the stuff.  Geez—if I knew all that, I’d write it myself.



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