Cheap Website Design

cheap website design

A lot of people want a website, but they don’t want to pay much for it. Unfortunately, cheap website design usually translates into low-quality website design. Here’s why.

If you’ve never worked on a website (i.e., accessed the admin section and manually altered and configured things), it’s probably hard to imagine what all goes into making a website great. If you have done some work on a website, then you know how much effort—and specialized knowledge—is required to produce a fully functioning and good-looking site.

You have to keep both eyes open when dealing with people who offer cheap website design, because in many cases the reason they charge less is because they have fewer capabilities and fragmented knowledge of the multiple components that go into designing websites.

Then you have your shysters, who have no more business designing websites than I do performing open-heart surgery, but that’s another story.

My own cheap website design

it pays to pay for good website design

This is what can happen when you opt for cheap website design instead of hiring a pro.

I speak from experience. I put together the website you’re reading now with a little help from WordPress. Okay, a lot of help. It’s been a nightmare, because there were so many things I had to learn as I went along—things professional website designers already know like the backs of their hands. Yes, it was cheap in terms of money, but I spent (and still spend) a lot more time on it than most people would want to.

I don’t like messing with this website. I’m a writer, not a technician or mouse-clicker. But I did it because I wanted to be in control of my online presence, and I knew it would be difficult to relay to a designer exactly how I wanted things to look.

I’m not great with colors or shapes or balances in a design. I don’t know all the tricks and techniques involved in making pages look certain ways with certain features. I do know what I like when I see it, but it’s hard to visualize it beforehand and then make it happen. So it’s trial-and-error for me. My site fortunately is here to sell only my ability to write, not my expertise in designing websites.

For this reason, if I were to offer web design services, it would definitely be cheap website design, and that’s not what most businesses need. As I said, people come to my website to see what I do with words, not to be visually entertained.

The majority of other business types, however, should have some pleasing and maybe even a few surprising design and functionality elements built into their sites. These businesses should avoid cheap website design and hire a professional and pay the price. Either that or go to web development school and learn how to do it right.

Because with web design, like everything else, you really do get what you pay for.



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