Copywriting & Marketing Services

The copywriting and marketing services I provide will help you compete stronger by enhancing the credibility of your message and your brand.


Clear, confident writing in your marketing materials earns you a critical advantage, no matter what kind of business you’re in. After several decades of amazing breakthroughs in graphics and design technology, we’re right back to what the greatest advertising gurus have always said:

Graphics attract. Words sell.

Copywriting: All Forms, All Delivery Methods


Website content
Landing pages
Social media ads
Social media profiles
Wikipedia pages

Blog posts
E-mail campaigns


Business letters
Buyers' guides

Press releases
Sales sheets


Radio ads
Telemarketing scripts
Internet ads
Recorded messages

Sales videos
Training videos
TV commercials


Case studies
Corporate reports
Product descriptions

Staff bios
Catalog content
Real estate listings


Additional Services


Editing & Revision

Editorial re-working is an option when you’ve created material that isn’t working as well as you think it should. An experienced “second set of eyes” can make a huge difference in the quality of your writing and the impact of your message. [Read more . . .]


Website Review

An objective review of your website will detect problems with written content, usability and overall functionality. I’ll make sure your site is well-written, easy to use, logical in its navigation and clear in its messaging. [Read more . . .]


SEO Copywriting

Using targeted keywords in text, titles and headings without making the writing sound silly and contrived can be challenging. You need to attract search engines, but you also need to write in a way that sounds “normal” and gets readers to act. I’ll make sure you do both.


Creative Direction

When you’re unsure of the best way to promote and sell your products, services or brand image, I’ll help you create a sound plan. We’ll understand the target market and then develop materials and strategies geared to bringing you the highest possible returns.


WordPress Posting

If you manage your own website on WordPress, I can save you time by handling content uploads, page optimization, page formatting, plugin installation and other important tasks. [Read more . . .]



How advantageous it would be to gain honest feedback from customers, employees or the general public? Working with your team, I can create customized digital or print surveys that are easy for anyone to fill out and complete. I also can analyze survey results and give you a detailed report of the findings.



Written materials often contain factual errors nobody thought to check. I’ll make sure what you’ve written includes the correct presentation of people’s names, job titles, business names, product names, addresses, chronologies, histories, assertions, events, instructions and more. Inaccuracies in these elements can confuse readers and make your company appear neglectful.



When you need specific information to use in making your business more competitive, I can do the necessary research through Internet searches and direct correspondence with the right people to get you the data you need.