Copywriting Samples Portfolio

Here are some examples of the types of pieces I can create for you to deliver your message, empower your brand and build your customer base.



Land & energy consultants

Security guard training

Pool cleaning & maintenance

Civil engineering & design

Myofunctional therapy practice

Convenience store suppliers

Blog Posts

Restaurant insurance policies

Vitamin C and dementia

Today’s homebuyer trends

Exterior paint warranties

Do your own taxes?

New Orleans souvenirs

Fireplace upgrade tips

Benefits of chemical peels


Wine barrel manufacturer

Emergency physician recruiting

Credit card offer

Auto body shop

Medjool Dates

Study trips abroad

Residential property

Trade show booth design


Engineering design

Bank facility expansion

School district

Account manager

City guide, Halloween event

Aging and the “fountain of youth”

Florida Law Firm

Real estate technology


Video Promo


A Note on the Pieces in This Copywriting Samples Portfolio

The materials above were developed from unique client directives for specific audiences, so you may notice differences in tone and writing style among them. Search-optimized pieces may reflect the clients’ optimization-strategy preferences rather than mine.

The sales, blog post and promotional writing samples are my original, finished versions that I sent to the clients as Word documents. For the website samples, the owners of any of the sites may have added or altered text since I finished writing the content. Based on my periodic review of these sites, this happens infrequently.