Get an immediate advantage in your marketing efforts with professional copywriting and related services that will strengthen your position and give your audience plenty of reasons to move in your direction.

Your competitive edge starts with the words you use to draw attention to what you sell or do.

It's like fishing, only we have better bait and the ability to connect emotionally with the fish.


Website content ● Blog posts ● E-mail campaigns ● Social media ads ● Social media profiles ● PowerPoint ● Online ads ● Real estate property descriptions ● Wikipedia pages ● more


Brochures ● Newsletters ● Press releases ● Direct-response ● Advertisements ● Advertorials ● Sales sheets ● Articles ● Buyer's guides ● Owner's manuals ● more


Radio ads ● Sales videos ● Training videos ● Telemarketing scripts ● Speeches ● Event promotions ● Voiceover narratives ● Inbound/outbound sales messages ● more




Written Material

I write content for all types of digital, print and audio/video marketing projects. With well-written, customized materials that inform and influence your audience, you’ll find it easier to stay ahead of the competition. Clear communications is your #1 marketing advantage.

Editing & Revision

Editorial re-working is an option when you’ve created material that doesn’t read as well as you think it should. I’ll add clarity and impact to your message by fixing grammar, consistency, style, narrative-flow and other issues that add stop-points* to the narrative.

Organic SEO

Determining good keywords for digital marketing content isn’t difficult. What is difficult is using the words in text, titles and headings without the writing sounding silly and contrived. You need to attract search engines, but you also need to write for your readers. I’ll make sure you do both.

WordPress Posting

If you use WordPress, I can manage the posting and formatting of web pages and blog posts. Additionally, though I don’t bill myself as a web designer/developer, I’ve worked in-depth with WordPress for many years and can create a good-looking basic website for you.

Project Management

If you’re not working with an advertising or marketing agency and are having trouble managing the many elements of an in-house sales or branding project, I’ll be the liaison among all the people involved to see that everything goes according to your plan and time schedule.

Strategy & Planning

When you aren’t sure of the most effective ways to promote and sell a product or service, I’ll help you develop a sound plan. Together, we’ll determine the markets and platforms that will bring you the deepest return on your investment, then I’ll get to work on the words.

* Stop-points are places within a piece of writing that cause readers to stop and try to figure out what the writer was saying. They can be caused by crippled sentence structure, misuse of words, illogical idea-presentation and faulty grammar. With every stop-point, there’s a chance to mentally lose the reader.



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