Editing & Revision Services

Repair sluggish marketing materials with empowered writing that presents your core message in a way people will connect with.

editing and revision services

Editorial Focus


General editing and revision services: Correct spelling, misused words, incorrect punctuation, grammatical errors, etc.

Information flow: Make sure information is presented in a natural and logical order.

Bloat reduction: Deal with areas where too many words are being used to make points.

Small-word clusters: Pay special attention to groupings of one-, two- and three-letter words, which often contain repeats and spelling errors.

Complicated words: Where possible, exchange big, important-sounding and confusing words for words readers are more familiar with.

Long paragraphs: Break up excessively long paragraphs to keep content from looking like a text message from a distraught teenager.

Unnecessary information: Determine what needs to be said and what doesn’t need to be said and remove what doesn’t need to be said.

Cramped lists: Turn long lists of items within sentences into bullets, or revise the sentence structure.

Fact-checking: Ensure that all supportive claims are accurate.

Styling of names: Ensure that names of people, places, addresses, companies, dates, job titles, products, services and more are styled correctly and consistently.

6 Ways You Benefit From Professional Editing

Embarrassing errors will be gone; impact will improve greatly


Your written marketing content will stand up against any competition


What you meant to say will be exactly what you did say


Your message will exude the confidence that earns consumer trust


Readers will clearly understand what you want them to know


Readers will clearly understand what you want them to do


How Editing and Revision Services Will Improve Your Marketing Outcomes


Most readers aren’t experts at writing the English language, but we’re all pretty good at reading it. While the average person may not be able to write stunning prose, he or she certainly can tell when somebody else’s writing is full of errors. You do this yourself all the time. We all do it.

Few people, however, are able to spot errors and style fractures in their own writing. I’m not sure why this is, but I see enough material people send me to edit to know it’s true.

The power of objective reading

One of the things editors/proofreaders/revisionists have to learn is the art of backing away from the writing and reading it objectively. Most people who “write stuff” can’t do this. Neither can a lot of people who “write stuff” for pay. Skill as a writer does not automatically mean skill as an editor. The two are completely separate disciplines.

When I edit or rewrite your material, I read it the same way the average reader does. But unlike the average reader, I know where problems exist and how to fix them.

I can improve any marketing materials you’ve written that aren’t performing up to expectations. For basic line editing and grammar checking to full-scale structural revisions, call me first.