Improve Marketing Content

improve marketing content

How effective are your marketing pieces? Very? So-so? Not effective at all? A number of tactics exist that will get you better results including these five tips on how to improve marketing content.

1. Introduce key selling point(s) quickly

This can be done directly or indirectly, just as long as the reader knows what you’re offering and why he should pay attention to it. Headings (and first paragraphs) are the ideal places to make your point early. Headline example:

Why Buy From Us? Because We Save You Money!

That headline asks a question the reader may already be thinking about and answers it immediately. Giving readers your key selling point as early as possible is one of the quickest ways to improve marketing content and give yourself a strong advantage in your marketplace.

2. Improve marketing content by knowing your outcome

Every marketing piece must have a reason for existing—and that reason in almost every case should be to further your enterprise in one way or the other.

Before you write the first line of copy, know what action the reader must take in order for your letter, web page, e-mail or whatever it is to be successful. Once you know this, you can structure your copy in a way that leads the reader in the right direction.

3. Use headlines and graphics that relate to the theme of your piece

There are tons of awesome headlines out there and many more yet to be created. But if the headline doesn’t tell or imply what the rest of the piece is about, readers may become momentarily confused. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Likewise with photos and graphics. You may have a really cute or eye-catching picture, but if it has nothing to do with your reason for creating the piece, best to save it for a more appropriate placement. (Hopefully I don’t contradict myself with the photo below.)

4. Write with confidence and authority to instantly improve marketing content

writing good marketing materials takes confidence

This kind of confidence isn’t necessary to write better marketing materials.

This one is challenging, because writing with confidence doesn’t depend on how much confidence you personally have or how much you believe in your product or service. The ability to write in a confident and authoritative manner is a skill that has to be developed and has as much to do with words as with attitude.

Start developing a confident voice with this tactic: don’t be too nice to your readers. Be polite and respectful, but don’t overdo it with the niceness—it comes off as weak and insecure, and it definitely won’t do anything to help you improve marketing content or your company’s reputation.

5. Keep your paragraphs short

Paragraphs that are too long are hard to read. Even Yoast (a WordPress SEO plugin) knows this. Three to five lines is ideal. Seven to 10 lines in most cases is getting up there. More than 10, and you’ve got a text message from an upset teenager.

You can check out more about page- and text-formatting in “Writing Website Content.”

It’s not difficult to improve marketing content. You just need to keep strategies like the ones above in mind as you create. And always be learning. A good place to start is one of the best resources for writers ever published: The Elements of Style. You can buy it in book form or access it for free online.



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