Marketing Message

marketing message

Everybody’s talking about message these days, and for good reason. A company’s marketing message is the foundation for everything that comes after it. Similar in purpose to a mission statement, a marketing message is a guiding light to keep you on track and focused. It also reminds you of some important things you need to tell your audience.

Put your marketing message into words

A marketing message is a conceptual description of:

  • what our business is
  • what we sell or provide
  • why our offerings will benefit people
  • how people can connect with these benefits

That’s the conceptual message. But a message in concept form can’t do anything. You have to somehow write the message in order to give it life. That’s where focused thinking is mandatory.

It’s one thing to know and understand your message. It’s another thing to be able to weave all its nuances into the material you write to convey it. If there’s a problem with your marketing message, it’s almost always in the writing of it, rarely in the concept.

Message is not brand

spoken marketing message

A marketing message also can be spoken – just be careful how you go about it.

Don’t confuse a marketing message with a brand. A brand is an image; it’s nothing more than a mental idea. You don’t “write” a brand. You exude a brand. A message, however, must be written. Graphics and design are for brands. Writing is for messages.

Message is those bullets above. It’s what people need to know. You can use the bullet topics when writing materials that are designed to turn observers into customers. (Remember: message is connected with sales. Informational pieces such as certain blog posts, news releases, most white papers, About pages on websites and the like normally aren’t message-heavy—in fact, they wouldn’t work if they were.)

When you write materials to sell, make sure readers/viewers/listeners come away knowing these four things (the bullets above aren’t in order of importance; the ones below are):

  • Exactly how what you do or sell will benefit them
  • Exactly how they can obtain the benefit(s)
  • Exactly what you do or sell
  • Exactly who you are and what kind of company you’re running

That’s your marketing message. Of course, you’ll write many words in a web page, promo video script, brochure, sales letter, etc., that won’t literally be tied to your message. I mean, you can’t just go out and start hitting people over the head with your sales pitch. You need to communicate with them like a rational adult. But you also need to communicate like a smart adult who makes sure the key marketing message is clear and obvious and impossible to ignore.



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