Hire a Print Copywriter

Use print marketing tools like brochures, newsletters, magazine ads, advertorials and sales letters to stay visible and make new customers.


Print marketing is more than just supplemental promotion. Digital marketing has grown into the wave of today and the foreseeable future, but you can still use print copywriting to gain a sizeable advantage. As long as there are printed materials, there will be people to read them.


Same Key Objectives When Writing for Print Media


Direct-response sales letters, magazine ads, promotional flyers, product labels, billboard signage—you name it—all have a legitimate place in balanced marketing campaigns.

When you hire me for print copywriting, my objectives are the same as with any format:

  • Write to the right audience
  • Write in a way the audience relates to
  • Deliver the right message
  • Clearly tell readers what to do next
  • Give readers something they’ll remember

These are universal “must-haves” in any type of marketing material. 


Print Copywriting Brings Greater Exposure Fast


The mind of a print reader

When people read printed material, they generally are more settled and focused. Unlike with an Internet page, a magazine doesn’t have 10 billion (or however many it is now) other choices waiting right behind it. You can reach people’s minds with print marketing.

Print copywriting vs. other styles

While each marketing platform requires its own unique stylistic considerations, at the end of the day, people are people. The key in any copywriting effort is to talk (write) like a normal person and gain reader interest—and trust—quickly.

Longer shelf-life

Print marketing materials have shelf-lives, but they’re generally not as short as materials in the digital arena, where it’s easy to click off and forget it. Deliver your message in the print media, and it could be around and doing its job for quite a while.


Let Your Voice Be Heard in Print


For most businesses, their websites and social media platforms are key communications hubs with their audiences. But the companies that thrive don’t stop there.

When you include print materials in your marketing arsenal, you can reach a lot more people and further solidify your reputation as the type of business people want to do business with.

If you’re kind of out of the loop on print marketing, let me help you identify some great ways to spread the word. There’s a whole world out there waiting to hear what you have to say. View some print copywriting samples.