Hire an SEO Copywriter

Well-written SEO content will make your website, blogs and other digital marketing more attractive to search engines and readers.


Now that the Internet has become the place where we find just about everything we’re looking for, an SEO copywriter has plenty of opportunities—and challenges—when working with clients who need to get their products and services noticed by search engines. Your web design pro can handle a lot of this work. Let me handle the written-content side of it.


A Search Enginge’s Job


Those of us who implement SEO practices in our daily work sometimes get the underlying feeling that Google is our enemy. There are so many hoops to jump through and rules to remember, moving up the rankings can be challenging.

The fact is, Google and other search engines are not here to help businesses succeed, although that can be a byproduct of the technology. The primary purpose of search engines is to help searchers find what they’re looking for.

Just as Walmart was built to cater to its customers and not its suppliers, Google constantly seeks to improve the search experience for its users. If you play by the rules, you can attract search engines and grow your business. If you try to sidestep the rules, bad things can happen.


A Proven Way to Attract Search Engines


Optimize for keywords/key phrases

When performing SEO work for a website or blog, I optimize the content with the keyword or search phrase that’s been designated for the given page or post. As search engines scan the page, they quickly pick up this often-used word/term and can then determine if it accurately describes what the page is about.

Write quality content

I’ll use the targeted keyword throughout the text, but I’ll also make sure the rest of the content on the page or post relates to the keyword. When you hire me to help you attract search engines through effective organic SEO practices, the pieces I write for you will have plenty of content that matches the targeted topic and vice versa.

Include plenty of related keywords

All words and phrases relevant to the main keyword within the content help to empower the the piece. Below are two sets of words, including the main keyword, found by a search engine within two fictitious blog posts. Which set do you think is most likely to help that page rank high when a user searches for “chimney cleaning in southwest MD”?

SET 1: southwest MD chimney cleaning; Taylor Swift’s new song; Taylor Swift music; Billboard Chart; Taylor Swift net worth; Taylor Swift concert schedule

SET 2: southwest MD chimney cleaning; chimney sweep; removing creosote; chimney fire; Chimney Safety Institute of America; CSIA-certified chimney sweeps

Assign directional H-tags

H-tags (header tags) are used in electronic documents to point Google toward important, topic-related headings within the text. When I do the actual posting of pieces for clients, I include H-tag designations according to accepted practices. If you don’t engage me in this work, your web designer will know exactly how to do it.

Use Yoast SEO as a guideline

Yoast provides a popular WordPress SEO plugin that takes much of the guesswork out of attracting search engines. Visible to the administrator on each page and post, the plugin includes fields for keyword, SEO page title, slug (URL) and meta description. Yoast also gives an in-depth analysis of how well a given page is optimized for its search term. You certainly can optimize pages without Yost, but if you’re using WordPress, this plugin makes it faster and easier.


Sound SEO Strategy: Hire an Experienced SEO Copywriter


Well-placed and well-used keywords in your online content is a key part of a sound SEO strategy. Remember: Google Search is in business to cater to searchers, so excellent keyword treatment is critical to getting all your electronic marketing materials visible.

Search engine optimization is a gigantic discipline and goes way beyond keywords. The ability to attract search engines depends on other factors such as your site’s security, age of domain, inbound links, mobile-friendliness and more.


seo copywriter

My work as an SEO copywriter focuses on creating quality, keyword-focused, topic-relevant content that will not only enhance your search rankings but also give your readers a lot of great reasons to  become customers.