These client testimonials probably will tell you more about me than everything else on this site, combined. I return the appreciation.



“Doug Thomas has been the answer to all of my online content strategy needs. He is not only an incredible writer, but a wonderful person to work with day in and day out.”

Hadar Guibara | Realtor, Sereno Group


“I did well in school writing and thought I could tackle this myself.  I can’t even come close to Doug’s work – you can’t either.  If you need a writer or want your website to shine, Doug is the man!”

Mike Murphy | President, The TGB Group



“Doug is without a doubt the best subcontractor for my company, Brandtastic, and has never let us down, not once. If you have a need for a content writer for online or offline marketing efforts, Doug Thomas is a great choice.”

Frank Motola | President, Brandtastic


“Doug was very instrumental in the launch of my wife’s and my new real estate career. He operates at an extremely efficient pace, and is always easy to be in contact with.”

Nick Glidewell | Glidewell Realty


“We have worked together on many projects and I have always felt that Doug was invested in making sure that his writing led to the success of the product. His writing has been my voice in so many important issues.”

Andrew Beckmann, D.O. | Founder, ErDocFinder.com


“Doug is able to turn difficult content into easy to understand information for the reader. He brings a lot of knowledge that makes all the difference in how a project turns out.”

Shelly Azevedo | Owner, Balanced Faces


“Regardless of the industry, Doug has been able to learn the company, its culture, products, needs and marketing position with great ease. He’s fair, timely and a pleasure to work with.”

Damien Nelson | President, Nelson & Co.


“He works quickly and intelligently and has always come through for our agency. I highly recommend working with Doug if you are looking for someone reliable and that provides results.”

Jason Pires | Founder, MVC Agency